Photo Guidelines

Selecting Photos
You may choose to provide your own photo(s) for your portrait. Here are some simple guidelines that will help you shoot or select quality photographs that will in turn result in a great quality pastel portrait.

Use natural light. Flash photography washes out details, especially in faces. Pose the subject near a window or in full shade outdoors. Avoid direct sunlight overhead or behind the subject.

Choose a photo with a closeup of your subject. Make sure the details are in focus. If I will be placing several subjects together in one portrait, you may provide separate photos of each subject, but be sure that the direction and brightness of the lighting is the same, and that you provide at least one photo with the subjects together, so that I have a size reference.

Choose a photo with an expression that you like. Look for natural smiles and not toothy grins. The view that you provide of your subject will be the view I can replicate in the portrait. I cannot turn heads, add smiles, change squinting eyes, etc.

You can provide a variety of photos for color reference or background ideas. I can place meaningful objects, such as favorite toys, into the portrait or a field of wildflowers into the background, for example.

Let me know if you would like something changed, such as the color of clothing or removing a pet’s collar.

Emailing Your Photo(s)
You may email your photos to me and I will confirm receipt of your files.

Please send high quality files, up to 10MB, so that details are visible. Resolution for digital photos should be at least 300 dpi.

You may send me jpg, tiff, psd or pdf files, and they may be compressed in a ZIP folder.

Mailing Your Photo(s)
If you choose to send printed photo(s), make sure the details are clear and that the print is on professional grade paper at least 5″ x 7″. You may also send your photos on a print quality CD or DVD. Your materials will be returned with your portrait.

Send to:
Marla Parnell
6141 Lake Road
Mint Hill, NC 28227