Dozens of Mugs!

Hue: I’m making several dozen jumbo mugs this week in preparation for our Spring art fair season. I am leaving distinct finger marks on these so that the glazes I… Read more »

Sky Blue Glaze

Hue: I have been experimenting with various blue glazes, and have finally found a combination that I think people will really like. The outside of these mugs is a rich… Read more »

Texas Ranch Painting

Marla: I just finished this 24″ x 18″ painting for clients in Texas. It is from a favorite family photograph, showing their 16-year-old son driving their ancient pickup truck on… Read more »

Custom 4-Piece Dinnerware Sets

Hue: Here’s something unique…and surprisingly affordable. I can custom create a dinnerware set for you from stoneware or porcelain. You choose the glaze colors and shape of the mugs and… Read more »

Euphotic Depth

Hue: My work reflects my intense interest in oceanography and the euphotic depth, the point in the ocean at which light intensity falls to just one percent of its value… Read more »

Portrait of Rupert

Marla: This is a portrait of Rupert, a 16 x 12 pastel painting just completed in mid-January for a family in Illinois. I wouldn’t ordinarily have painted Rupert in a… Read more »