Although our paths had crossed many times, it was during our college years at Missouri State University in Springfield that we first met. Hue went on to complete a BFA in Ceramics and Marla in Graphic Design. Hue became a studio potter before moving on to teaching art and serving as a public school administrator. Marla’s career path took her into advertising, first as a graphic designer, then a creative director. We would not see each other until 27 years later, when we met again and life presented us with an opportunity that would allow us to pursue our lifelong goal to work as studio artists.

The foundation of our relationship continues to focus on our art. Since marrying in 2005, we have built our studios, weaving together two lifetimes of artistic experiences. Marla has traveled to Europe, specifically to see firsthand the works of the Italian Renaissance. Hue has ventured to Canada and other countries to see ceramic artists in their studios. Together, we have traveled to see a number of artists at nationally recognized shows and in their studios. The idea has been to build a life of engaging the creative process.

Today, our studios are “works in progress.” Most artists find themselves on a never ending and always learning journey. Hue seeks to follow the basic idea that working with clay is actually a creative conversation with the entire process. The majority of Hue’s work is aesthetically pleasing altered forms and functional wares. Marla has completed well over 300 portraits for families across the U.S. She remains passionate about and committed to the concept that each painting is a visual interpretation of people, their families and their lives. For both of us the act of creating involves tremendous thought and hard work, yet is ultimately an immensely rewarding experience.

Should you decide to purchase one of our works of art, or if you are looking for instruction in the creative process, our studio doors are open. Pick up the phone or email us. We’d enjoy getting to know you!

In January, 2015, we launched our new studio space and business, Creava School For The Arts, centrally located at 1667 St. Louis Street in Springfield, Missouri. Creava Arts is the culmination of many years of planning and development, and we invite you to stop by anytime! Please visit the Creava Arts website for hours and more information!